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House/Wilson OTP

TV Guide Extends "Sexiest Stars" Poll

Message from specialsmiley

Hey everyone wanted to let you know that the TVG Sexiest Stars poll is still open.
TVG changing the rules and expanding the voting time frame.

You can vote repeatedly, but they make you wait about 30 minutes in between.
Wilson is still in the lead with 35% but he lost 1% point since yesterday so hop on over and throw some votes on the pile won't you. :}

We still want to see Wilson - RSL in the TVG on March 30th!

Wilson's category is on the second page.
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No new House this week, because of elections. blah!

I feel like i missed an episode somewhere, wait - what happen after they got back together?
(feels unfullfilled about last episode)
I even spoiled myself cause i can't wait another week to see new H/W!
(YEAH cause that IS the only reason I watch now. Sad maybe.)

I was bored and i started looking through with some caps and came across 'No More Mr. Nice Guy".
These caps reminded how much i liked this episode...slash, Wilson, bed talk, and the angst Amber brought!

My caps do no justice to this episode go watch it again!
I'm sure i posted these some where but just case some one need some H/W today!

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