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drama first...

I can't delete this community for some reason and seeing as I know i will make graphics about H/W.
*sighs* I'm going to keep using this community, you can blame [in a good way] sexy_severus -made me change my mind ::hugs you::

But the cane_crazy account is for real gone! No coming back, SRSLY!

Of course i had to play around with the TV guide cover - I can't stop looking at it. XD
I showed it to a friend of mine and she asked "are they really gay? " Her face was priceless. I Laughed.Out.Loud. "I wish!"
Meaning that i was right all along, cause she doesn't believe their relationship is that kind of relationship.
It's weird the new things you find out about friends you known for years.
She usally is a true supporter of different lifestyles. o-well
::wonders:: Would she accept my lifestyle if she really knew?

EDIT: community is not accepting any new members!
ALSO you have to be 17+ older to view. Because some graphics may have adult content.

Any comments or complaints reply to this post.
aka -cane

p.s. see ya in the h_w AIM chat tonight.
my AIM: witchy pir8

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in Two days it's Tuesday !!! 8PM

Just curious...


I normal try not to spoil myself, I look at the episode promo pictures.
BUT last year i did spoil myself, because of the strike!
I wanted more House so I spoiled myself with the last half of House.

YESH I put my jammers on, make coffee, sometimes a snack -mostly mocha sticks.
What I want this year:
I'll have the usual House naked, with a side of Wilson making out with him.
Hell at this point I'll settle for a hug!

If you could write a letter to Season 5 what would you write?
Almost like a letter to Santa...LOL
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Romantic Compatibility

Not sure if anyone has ever done this...
Or if I was the first to get this bored and see for s&g how House/Wilson are compatible. Romanticly!

I used Hugh/Robert's b-date to get this:
(it made me go *woah*)
SOURCE: @Yahoo

Gemini & Pisces
( House & Wilson )

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Doesn't that sound like H/W?
Can't you just picture all this?


Woke up with another wallpaper idea.
Who knows where this stuff comes from.

I usually don't share my personal wallpapers ...most of them don't come out the way I want.
But this came out better than the usual stuff...

Woke up with this in mind: (1024x768)

And then it become this monster:

 1024x768 | 1280x800

What you think?

x-posted @ h_w


[manip from 4x16 caps (i did). Credit cane_crazy if you use.]

I am going to cry tonight aren't I? (I'm not a cry-baby)
I'm so feckin' excited and sad cause it's the last one till next season!

Who wants to bet on if House is sleeping with Amber?
I'll take NOT for $1000.00 (seriously! I'll make a custom icon for the first 3 that comment who thinks he is)
If he is not I will make this banner wallpaper size for everyone. (cause I'm that sure he isn't)

Because the angst...I can't stop listening to Type O Negative. ( them anyways)
Here are a few songs that make me think of the final 2 episodes and H/W.

full tracks @

Dead Again 
(relates to House's drugs, the times he has died and come close to it. 
I'd like to think it can relate to using his life to saving Amber's. For the sake of Wilson.)

First to admit I’m a doomed droog addict
And I always will be Hey man, don’t follow me
No excuse for drug abuse
Said these lines a thousand times
Don’t want to live atrial fib From neurosis, cerosis

Please make me smile if you learn from my trial
Baby I’ll pay the price Maybe saving your life for ya
I can’t state this point enough
The pickup’s easy, but the put down’s rough
Up the nose or tap a vein No one else but you to blame

I can’t believe I died last night Oh God I’m dead again
I can’t believe I died last night I’m fucking dead again

Chemical joy Turning thee paranoid
Recently buried deep(ly) Greenwood Cemetery
I had no pulse last time I checked
I’d trade my life for self respect
There are some things worse than death

I can’t believe I died last night Oh God I’m dead again
I can’t believe I died last night I’m fucking dead again

Tripping A Blind Man
I think the song is about a man's heart breaking, cause his love is not returned from the S.O.
It feels like a H/W song, about the many times they have shown each other their feelings but yet to blind to see it.

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